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Reading Counts Quizzes

Scholastic Reading Counts is a computer based quiz program designed to supplement and reinforce literacy. Reading Counts empowers children because...
  • students choose literature that appeals to their interests.
  • students are motivated to read independently.
  • kids feel their opinions count! (Students rate books they read.)
  • student progress is monitored for instant feedback.
  • congratulation screens provide positive reinforcement.
  • success builds student test-taking confidence.
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Students are assessed to establish their Lexile reading score using a Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI). A Lexile is a measure of reading and comprehension ability that matches students to texts. Students use this Lexile score to select from a wide variety of books within their personal reading range. The Lexile scores range from BR (beginning reader) through 1700 (college post-graduate). Click the button below to find if your book has a quiz available from the 1,600 Reading Counts quizzes at Vogelweh Elementary School.

Reading Counts Book Quiz List

Reading Counts quizzes use randomly selected multiple-choice questions to test student comprehension for the material read. Students not scoring a minimum of 70% must review the material and retake the quiz the following day. The retake questions may differ from the original quiz.

Click the appropriate button below to find books at our school with Reading Counts quizzes for your Lexile level.
Lexile Non-Standard Prose Lexile 100-190 Lexile 200-290 Lexile 300-390 Lexile 400-490 lLexile 500-590
Lexile 600-690 Lexile 700-790 Lexile 800-890 Lexile 900-990 Lexile 1000-1090 Lexile 1100+

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