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What is READ 180?

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READ 180 is a researched-based reading intervention program, published by Scholastic, Inc. in collaboration with Vanderbilt University. It is designed to:
  • help struggling students break out of the reading failure cycle,
  • experience a 180 degree turn around in reading achievement, and
  • improve student attitudes and behaviors.

It is designed for "at risk" students who have not become proficient in reading through traditional learning experiences. At risk students have deficits in their understanding of the reading process, demonstrate gaps in fundamental literacy skills, and (in our school) score below 40% on the Terra Nova Standardized Test.

To determine student eligibility, I utilize both informal and formal assessments. First, I gather teacher input based on classroom observations and/or an alternate ranking of student performance. Next, I look at students Terra Nova standardized score, for the previous school year. In addition, students may also prove eligible by scoring below the proficient level on the SRI (Scholastic Reading Inventory), or the DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment). Then, I create an Excel spreadsheet, which helps me organize this information. Students are then ranked and selected according to need.

Criteria for Selecting READ 180 Students

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